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À la carte



Season vegetables and Parmesan millefeuille   25 €

Poached duck foie gras with sea salt    35 €

(extra charge 6 €)

Filet of red mullet served lukewarm with citrus dressing    28

spiced carrots

Salad of season    16 €

Carpaccio of scalops and sea bass  32 €

oysters grilled and tongue of sea urchin




Ocean & Land

Wild seabass cooked on skin,         35 €

squids stuffed with cockles

(extra charge 10 €)

Turbot fish roasted    49 €

apricot-coloured mushroom and rooted chervil

(extra charge 14 €)

Scalopps pan fried     34 €

butter sauce flavoured with citrus fruits, cauliflower end brocoli

Fermiere poultry with herbs and chestnuts   29  €

72-hour slow cooked shoulder  of lamb   28  €

vegetables, garlic cream

Filet of duck with pepper of Kampot and salsify  29  €

Calf’s shoulder slow cooked and calf’s sweet breads    42  €
served with gribiche sauce  and veal gravy


All our meat is of European origin.


We work primarily with small producers whose productions are reasoned.



Sabayon of Parmigiano Reggiano & goat cheese     11 €

figs and hazelnuts, raspberries French dressing

Cheese board    16 €





Baked Alaska,   15  €

pine-apple & vanilla ice cream, Limoncello and Lime

on a sponge base coated with meringue,

Chocolate Valrhona, Guanaja & Orélys      16  €

Candied orange & Sechuan pepper ice cream

Gratin of quince, apple & pears, almond ice cream     15  €

Poached pear     15 €

pistachio, pralin & almond, pear sorbet


Please order all dessert at the begginning of the meal


We inform our guests that all our dishes

may to contain allergic substances.


Net prices. 10% VAT included