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À la carte



Poached duck foie gras with sea salt    26 €

Scampi, lightly sealed,    28  €

with beetroot dressing, parsley which is both tender and crisp   

Tartar of sea bream, carpaccio of scallops    28 €
ginger and lime

White and green asparagus, morel cream and green peas    25 €

Pikeperch mousse, asparagus and caviar  (10 g.)   43 € -   (20 g.)   63 €

Lobster salad        41 €

served with a crunchy herb biscuit and dill cream




Giant pan fried wild prawns,      26  €

potatoe puree flavoured with truffle

Scallops pan fried,             32 €
butter sauce flavoured with citrus fruits,

cauliflower and brocoli

Pikeperch filet,             37 €
“hollandaise sauce”, morels, green and white asparagus




Pan fried fillet of Charolais beef   34  €
served with potatoes "Charlotte" & "Vitelotte",

stewed shalotts with thyme

Roast saddle of lamb with a herb crust,
garlic cream   35  €

Calf’s shoulder slow cooked
and calf’s sweet breads    37  €
served with veal gravy


A cooking and rest time of 25 minutes is required
for all meat dishes to ensure the meat is tender.

All our meat is of European origin.



Cheese board    16 €
(please order all desserts at the beginning of the meal)




Baked Alaska,   15  €

Mandarin orange and vanilla ice cream

on a sponge base coated with meringue

Pear "Belle Hélène",      15  €

(poached pear served with warm chocolat sauce 

and vanilla ice cream)

Gratin of pineapple and orange   15  €

grapefruit sorbet

Praline Dacquoise, "Guanaja" ice cream   15  €

Net prices. 10% VAT included